Counties Wary of Prolonged Environmental Litigation

MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson today testified before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in opposition to SB 334 Water Pollution Control – Intervention in Civil Actions – Rights and Authority. The bill could allow individuals to intervene in State enforcement actions against local jurisdictions.

From the MACo Testimony: 

SB 334 would allow third parties to further complicate and delay already complex cases between defendants and the State. Local governments would then be forced to negotiate resolutions with
unaffected parties, as they now have a newly granted “cause of action” to involve themselves in State
enforcement cases relating to water pollution.

SB 334 would give new, unnecessary legal standing to unaffected parties that would complicate State
enforcement actions and lead to increased costs and burden for local government. Accordingly, MACo
requests that the Committee give SB 334 an UNFAVORABLE report.

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