Counties Wish to Hold Reckless Rental Car Drivers Accountable

On 21, January 2021 MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson submitted written testimony to support HB 3838 Traffic Control Signal Monitoring Systems – Exclusion of Vehicle Rental Companies – Repeal and Notification Requirement. This bill seeks to hold individuals who commit traffic violations in short term rental cars accountable using red-light cameras.

From the MACo Testimony:

[D]rivers of rental cars are not sufficiently held accountable for their
dangerous violations. HB 383 seeks to replace our current laws with a more direct⎯and
apparent⎯scheme to hold those drivers accountable. Ideally, the best outcome would be a
clear notice to individuals renting a car in Maryland that they will personally bear the financial
burden of any fines arising from dangerous driving captured by camera, and that this notice
would have a desired “chilling effect” and reduce this worrisome conduct.

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