Howard County Corrections Director Jack Kavanagh Retires After 18 Years of Service

Jack Kavanagh

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball announced Jack Kavanagh, Director of the Department of Corrections, is retiring after 18 years of service to Howard County, and more than four decades of public service in the correctional field.

Kavanagh has worked for Howard County since 2003 and has served as the Director of the Department of Corrections since 2008. “Jack is an outstanding public servant, and his expertise and thoughtful approach will be missed in Howard County,” said County Executive Ball. “Four decades of hands on correctional experience, and numerous awards, speak to Jack’s character and his commitment to ensuring a safe and engaged community in Howard County and beyond. Jack was dedicated to making sure that each inmate would not return to our jail after serving their time and was committed to providing educational opportunities to assist in their re-entry and reduce recidivism. We’re wishing him the best on his retirement, it is well-deserved.”

Kavanagh led and supported many enrichment programs at the Howard County Detention Center, including Seeds of Change operated by Howard EcoWorks. The program provides education and vocational training to detention center inmates to grow and maintain a native plant nursery.

According to a press release:

Jack Kavanagh was appointed as Director for the Howard County Department of Corrections in March 2008. Kavanagh served as Deputy Director from January 2003 until his appointment as Director. He also spent 24 years with the State of Maryland Division of Correction, beginning in May of 1979. While employed with the Division of Correction, he held numerous positions to include Assistant Warden, Warden, Assistant Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner. Kavanagh received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Baltimore.

“I am most grateful for having the opportunity to serve as Director the past 13 years,” said Kavanagh. “The staff at the Department are some of the finest employees I have ever encountered, and I will miss them. The support of the County Executives that I have served, as well as the support of Chief Administrative Officer, Lonnie Robbins, is greatly appreciated. They have allowed the agency to continue developing the important programs that positively impact the lives of those incarcerated here.”

Read the full press release for more information.

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