Fun Fact: Which Maryland Counties Were Once Connected by a Ferry?

The Claiborne Annapolis Ferry Company was a passenger and automobile transit service that operated on the Chesapeake Bay between 1919 and 1952.

In its heyday, the town of Claiborne (Talbot County) on the eastern shore of Maryland, served as a landing for tourists looking to get a break from big cities like Annapolis (Anne Arundel County), on the western shore. Passengers who arrived in Claiborne on foot were able to take a train to the beach in Ocean City. The railroad also passed through the town of Easton.

Business was booming in the 1930s, so a second ferry was added. By the spring of 1951, the ferries were handling 1 million vehicles and 2 million passengers annually.

The ferry service stopped running in 1952 when the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was completed.

Source: Secrets of the Eastern Shore

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