Data Backlog Delays Some MD Election Results

The Maryland State Board of Elections on Tuesday night announced that that election night results from several jurisdictions would be delayed due to a backlog in transferring precinct-level data to the central voting system database.

According to the latest update from the Board, about 41% of Election Day vote centers have reported results to state election headquarters. The Board is consulting with the state’s election system vendor to accelerate the reporting process.

Source: Maryland State Board of Elections (last updated 11/04/2020 01:52:55 AM)

According to the State Board of Elections:

Processing results includes transferring data from the thumb drives from the scanners to the central voting system database. This process requires the user to manually confirm any precinct that does not have results before moving to the next precinct.

For example, a voter lives in precinct 1-1 which is located in Glen Burnie, northern Anne Arundel County. While this voter can vote at any vote center in Anne Arundel County, the voter is unlikely to vote at a vote center in southern Anne Arundel County. If no voter from precinct 1-1 votes at a vote center in southern Anne Arundel, the southern Anne Arundel vote center will not have any ballots from precinct 1-1. When the results are processed, the user must manually confirm that there are no ballots from precinct 1-1 from this vote center.

The data transfer and confirmation process is taking about 8-10 minutes for each thumb drive. This impacts those jurisdictions with the most thumb drives.

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