St. Mary’s Streamlines Procurement, Aims to Promote Local Businesses

The Commissioners of St. Mary’s County yesterday approved updates to the County’s 2020 Procurement Manual in order to streamline the process for purchases under $50,000 and to enable the County to do more business with local companies.

“As one of the County’s largest employers, St. Mary’s County Government is interested in promoting and supporting our local businesses whenever possible,” said County Procurement Manager Brandon Hayden. “This procurement update will allow more local companies to provide goods and services to St. Mary’s County Government.”

According to a County press release:

St. Mary’s County has changed its procurement rules to allow County Departments to use a more streamlined process for procurements under $50,000. This change makes adjustments to the existing Procurement policy and aligns county thresholds with the State of Maryland procurement thresholds.

This action will not only speed the process but allow more local St. Mary’s County businesses to provide support to County projects and programs. The update increases purchase thresholds and empowers every county department to seek local sources for purchases under $50,000 instead of using an official “Request for Proposal” process that typically draws interest from businesses outside of St. Mary’s County.

Visit the St. Mary’s County website for more information.