Superintendent Asks for Empathy As Virtual Learning Begins in Howard County

Today marks the end of the first week of virtual learning for thousands of students in Howard County. Superintendent Michael Martirano asks the community to have empathy for each other as they continue to navigate the relatively new way of learning.

From WBAL News Radio:

“The superintendent of Howard County Schools is asking that everyone in the community have empathy for the teachers, students and families as virtual learning begins again.

Martirano says if a parent or relative suspects a child is struggling there are supports available through the school. And he says staff members will proactively check in with family members on a regular basis.”

Students will be expected to take an active role in synchronous learning this fall, and attendance will be taken daily. All students in prekindergarten through grade five will be given a device, and families of middle and high schools students can request a Chromebook and internet access by notifying the school system. Howard County Public School System has set up a Help site to answer many of their frequently asked questions.

Superintendent Martirano recently appeared on the Conduit Street Podcast episode “Wrestling with Reopening” to discuss the challenges facing school systems this fall, as they worked toward reopening during the pandemic.

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