Johns Hopkins Launches COVID-19 Class for Children

jh-medicineJohns Hopkins is launching a four-part educational course for students on the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by Baltimore teachers who sought help explaining the virus to their students, Hopkins hopes to integrate the free course into curriculum nationwide this fall.

From WMAR Baltimore:

Johns Hopkins is once again putting themselves in the national spotlight during this pandemic. First they created a COVID-19 cases map that’s widely used. Now they have developed an online curriculum to teach kids about the virus, turning them into advocates as a way to stop the spread.

“Spread the information and not the virus. Help us fight the stigma. Help us fight the misinformation that’s out there,” said Johns Hopkins lung doctor Panagis Galiatsatos.

The first course begins by helping students develop an understanding of the biology of the virus. The courses that follow will detail the importance of face coverings and other public health initiatives related to the virus.

Hopkins hopes the course will curb misinformation surrounding the virus, and turn students into advocates in their communities to help stop the spread.

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