All-Electronic Tolling Now Permanent Statewide at MDTA Facilities

france, péage, highway Governor Hogan announced that full-time cashless tolling will now be permanent across the state at all Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) facilities.

While MDTA temporarily implemented cashless tolling in March as a part of its COVID-19 response, this will now be permanent at all facilities including the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway (I-95), Fort McHenry Tunnel (I-95), Baltimore Harbor Tunnel (I-895), and Nice/Middleton Bridge (US 301). With cashless tolling, tolls are automatically collected through E-ZPass and video tolling so drivers do not need to stop to pay.

From the press release:

“In addition to historic toll relief and record-breaking progress on critical infrastructure updates, permanent all-electronic tolling is the latest step we have taken to save motorists time and money,” said Governor Hogan. “By combining innovation, safety, and savings, this truly is a win-win for the state government and for everyone who travels in our great state.”

“During the COVID-19 emergency, all-electronic tolling has been an operational success and has helped us protect our toll collection employees and the traveling public,” said MDTA Executive Director Jim Ports. “With this system now permanent, stopping to pay tolls in Maryland is a part of history.”

Soon, drivers will also have the option to register vehicles for the Pay-By-Plate method, allowing tolls to be automatically billed to credit cards. “For the ICC and ETL, customers using Pay-By-Plate will still save at least 20% on their tolls compared to the video toll rate. Pay-By-Plate benefits infrequent toll customers as well as those who do not have an E-ZPass account.”

See the full press release.

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