RALI MD Creates RALI Cares to Spot Warning Signs of Substance Abuse

rali mdSubstance abuse has recently taken a backseat to coronavirus coverage, but that doesn’t mean the battle is over. RALI MD, a sponsor of MACo’s Summer Series, has created an educational exhibit to help readers spot the warning signs of substance abuse disorders.



While COVID-19 may be forcing virtual conferences, distance learning and Zoom meetings, it changes nothing for the thousands of teenagers and young adults who struggle with substance use disorders. As Maryland sees an increase in opioid-related overdoses and deaths, many are speculating that it could be due to COVID-19. We’re seeing that the pandemic has the potential to alter the course of recovery and interrupt treatment for many people with substance use disorders, exacerbating a crisis within a crisis.

That’s why it’s so important to continue to educate ourselves about the possible warning signs of drug use and/or misuse by teenagers and young adults.

RALI Maryland and its partner organization, RALI CARES, created an educational exhibit that helps inform local leaders, parents and caregivers about these warning signs. The RALI CARES exhibit, a trailer designed to depict a young adult’s bedroom, has made nine stops in Maryland where more than 1500 members of the community and leaders learned about warning signs found in a young person’s bedroom. Participants often came away astonished by what they saw and armed with the information they need to help protect their family and friends.

Recently, RALI brought the trailer online to help continue to educate adults about the warning signs of substance misuse. This can be a valuable tool for your communities as we continue to spend more time at home and our kids spend more time in their bedrooms.

Please visit ralimd.org/rali-cares to take the virtual tour and learn from experts how to spot the warning signs of substance misuse. For more information about RALI Maryland, please contact Beth Levine at beth@ralimd.org 

Thank you RALI MD, for sponsoring MACo’s Summer Series!

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