Calvert Announces Minor Organizational Restructure to Increase Efficiency, Services

Board of Calvert County Commissioners

The Calvert County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) announced a minor reorganization plan designed to improve overall government operations and services to the public. The changes, which do not call for staff reductions, took effect on July 1, 2020.

To better meet the needs of the residents, the County made minor changes in the General Services and Public Works Departments. First, the departmental reporting structure will be realigned, and all departments will report to Calvert County Administrator Julian M. Willis. Second, two departments will merge: the Department of General Services and the Department of Public Works will be encompassed under the Department of Public Works.

“These changes set the foundation for a more effective response to the public,” said BOCC President Kelly McConkey. “More efficient management of operations will provide improved services and also draws against existing talents and skills in the organization. The minor reorganization provides operational and costs efficiencies; its implementation will have long-term benefits to our community.”

The reorganization is a response to guidelines established by the BOCC to ensure the effective and efficient use of County resources by determining alternative approaches to carrying out government operations.

According to a County press release:

Moving to the Department of Public Works are:

  • General Services
    • Division of Buildings and Grounds
    • Mosquito Control
    • Mailroom Services
    • Capital Improvement Projects (facilities related)

“The restructure establishes two new deputy director positions, at no additional cost in the fiscal year 2021 budget under the Department of Public Works,” said County Administrator Julian M. Willis. “The new structure is an important step to streamline internal processes and will better align services, share county resources more efficiently and effectively, and improve operations, while at the same time, reducing costs.”

Visit the Calvert County website for more information.