Webinar — Creating Healthy Buildings: A Roadmap for Cities, Counties, and Schools

Muni WebinarSchneider Electric is offering a live webinar entitled, Creating Healthy Buildings: A Roadmap for Cities, Counties and Schools,” this Thursday, June 25, 2020, to help assist members in dealing with the challenges of COVID-19:

With an intense focus on how to create healthier environments, many schools, cities and counties are looking for strategies to make changes to their facilities without redirecting critical funds away from necessary programming and services. The benefits of healthier building design have been proven to positively impact the health, safety and performance of building occupants. In today’s challenging environment, funding and implementing these critical design improvements requires innovation and a roadmap for longterm success.

This webinar will cover:

• Four key pillars to creating healthier facilities for students, employees and residents
• Available technologies that improve and protect the health of building occupants
• The benefit vs. cost journey every administrator and civic leader should make when evaluating healthy building measures
• Where to begin building the roadmap to healthier buildings


  • Joe Cinalli, Regional Director for
    Energy and Sustainability Services
  • Craig Mesenbrink, leading
    Project Development Engineer.

Date: Hosted live on Thursday, June 25, 2020

Time: 11am PDT | 1pm CDT | 2pm EDT.

Click here to register for the webinar


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