U.S. House Dems Unveil $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

capitol-303298_1280U.S. House Democrats today introduced a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan that calls for a massive increase in federal funding to repair roads, bridges, and schools while expanding broadband access in rural areas.

The bill, known as the Moving Forward Act, dedicates $300 billion to build and fix roads and bridges, $100 billion for low-income schools, and $100 billion for transit projects — but offers no details on how the programs will be paid for. The plan also provides $100 billion for housing, $100 billion to expand broadband service, $25 billion for clean drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, and $100 billion for public housing.

The Moving Forward Act is the latest attempt to invest in the nation’s aging infrastructure. House Democrats earlier this year introduced a five-year, $760 billion plan, but the bill failed to gain traction,

Last year, the Trump Administration unveiled its long-awaited infrastructure plan to Congress. The plan included $200 billion in federal funds; the rest of the $1.5 trillion in spending was expected to come from state and local governments, in addition to the private sector.

But the plan — which President Trump himself has reportedly said he’s not sure will work, criticizing its reliance on public-private partnerships — never got off the ground.

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