Hopkins Launches Free Online Contact Tracing Course

Johns Hopkins University LogoJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health recently launched a free online course to train contact tracers in an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

From JHU’s website:

A long-used public health tool, contact tracing aims to break the chain of transmission of infectious diseases. The new Coursera class, “COVID-19 Contact Tracing,” teaches the basics of interviewing people diagnosed with the virus, identifying their close contacts who might have been exposed, and providing them guidance for self-quarantine for two weeks.

“Even if you stop one or two new infections, you’re preventing many new cases down the line,” Johns Hopkins infectious disease epidemiologist Emily Gurley, the lead instructor of the course, said during a press briefing today.

The six-hour Coursera class is free and open to anyone interested in participating. It is divided into five basic modules including:

  1. Basic information on coronavirus and COVID-19
  2. Fundamentals of Contact Tracing
  3. Investigating cases and tracing their contacts
  4. Contact Tracing Ethics
  5. Effective communication in the tracing process

For more information, visit JHU’s news site.