Feds Give $6 Million to Bay States for Ag Runoff Reduction

Six states in the Chesapeake Bay watershed will receive a total of $6 million towards efforts to reduce agricultural runoff.

On the same day they are officially informed that lawsuits are inbound alleging they have failed to enforce pollution reduction in the Chesapeake Bay, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces the award of a combined $6 million to states in the Bay watershed to reduce excess agricultural runoff.

From the EPA:

“We have determined where these additional funds can best be put to use to most effectively result in the greatest water quality benefits in the bay,” said EPA Regional Administrator Cosmo Servidio. “The efforts will also help to improve local streams and rivers across the watershed.”

States will have to use Best Management Practices and prioritize their most effective basins. According to EPA, Pennsylvania has 61.6% of the commitments to reduce nitrogen from agricultural sources in their phase III Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP), and therefore will be receiving the vast majority of funding. For a full list of awards, see below.

Pennsylvania: $3,695,112
Virginia: $1,110,191
Maryland: $695,940
Delaware: $364,540
New York: $79,536
West Virginia: $54,681

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