Howard Council Introduces COVID-19 Rental Protection Bill

building-1149413_1920 - 4.30.20Emergency legislation introduced by the Howard County Council aims to protect residential and commercial renters. 

The bill seeks to protect and stabilize thousands of renters and businesses in Howard County from having their rent increased or services cut during the pandemic.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

The Rental Protection and Stability Act would prevent residential and commercial landlords from increasing rents during the state of the emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic and for up to three months after it ends, the Democrats said.

The legislation also would prohibit landlords from decreasing promised services, like water or electricity, or from terminating existing leases, according to Walsh.

The article notes that Howard County Council members Deb Jung, Liz Walsh, and Christiana Mercer Rigby were inspired to introduce the bill by legislation passed in Montgomery County which prohibits landlords from increasing rent above 2.6% for at least 180 days after the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Howard County Council bill would provide rental protection for residents, businesses amid coronavirus pandemic (The Baltimore Sun)