See How Much Federal Infrastructure Funding Your County Received FY 2014-16

NACo’s county explorer shows that 51% of federal funds invested by counties for infrastructure between 2014 and 2016 were passed through states and other entities.

The National Association of Counties has added new data on infrastructure funding to its County Explorer. The County Explorer allows users to review data on federal infrastructure funding for county governments on a county-by-county basis, and compare local data with information for other counties.

In the federal infrastructure dataset (one of many), the County Explorer provides:

  • Total federal funding for infrastructure for your county (in dollars)
  • Percent of direct infrastructure funding for your county
  • Percent of pass through infrastructure funding for your county (federal funding received through the State or another entity)

Here are two samples from the County Explorer:

For more information, and to view statistics for your home county, see NACo’s County Explorer, now accessible through the Maryland Association of Counties website.

Percent Pass Through Infrastructure Funding