Howard to Partner with MD National Guard on Cyber Security

code, html, digital Howard County’s Department of Technology and Communication Services (DTCS) will partner with the Maryland National Guard Joint Cyber Security Task Force in order to increase cyber protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball announced that Howard would be the first county in Maryland to collaborate with the Maryland National Guard during the pandemic as a way to increase cyber readiness in a “time of increased vulnerability.”

From the press release:

In early April, Chip Stewart, CISO Maryland Department of Information Technology and the State of Maryland engaged the National Guard to evaluate 400 IPs and websites critical to the communication of information about the Governor’s response and was subsequently provided a 90+ page report of vulnerability findings to his team for action.

“As we continue to leverage security best practices in protecting our governmental digital assets, as well as our citizen’s access to accurate information, we’re excited to be the first county to partner with the National Guard to increase our vigilance,” said Brandee Ganz, Howard County Director of DTCS. “During this critical time, it’s more important than ever to use all assets at our disposal to protect Howard County.”

See full press release here.