Attendance Lacking for E-Learning Classrooms

A new survey of educators shows a huge drop in attendance in online classes, with the majority of respondents reporting less than half of full attendance.

laptop, book, information With 43 states ordering school to be closed and recommendation for closing in the other seven states, COVID-19 has had an incredibly destructive impact on the United States education system.

As reported by Fishbowl, 55% of respondents reported less than half of students attending online classes, with 35% reporting attendance as low as 0 to 25%. It’s important to note that Fishbowl is a community based app and this information was self reported by over 5,659 verified educators across the United States. The survey was a multiple choice question that could be answered with A.) 0-25%, B.) 26-50%, C.) 51-75%  or D.) >75%. The results are devastating and bring home the issue of inequities that are made more prominent by school closures.

States such a Michigan and Illinois are taking steps to counteract the increasing stress and difficulties of moving to online classrooms. Some school districts in Michigan have gone to pass/fail whereas others will not lower grades as long as they were passing before the pandemic closures. In Illinois, the State Board of Education is working with educators to ensure students are given the best chance to succeed.

From Education Dive:

Its guidelines discourage districts from issuing Fs or lowering students’ grades as a result of online learning, with the Illinois State Board of Education instead recommending teachers give pass or incomplete grades (different from pass/fail) and not punish students for lack of participation. Incomplete grades can be made up when remote learning ends in the state, and students may have the opportunity to make up lost learning during the summer or fall.

As many are being thrust into the unfamiliar territory of online teaching and learning, districts around the country are making strides in continuing the education of students.