USM Regents Vote to Support Refunds for Student Fees

The University System of Maryland Board of Regents has voted to allow public colleges in Maryland to refund certain student fees. The move comes after it was announced that students will finish the remainder of the Spring semester remotely.

The COVID-19 outbreak initially led public colleges to extend spring breaks, but eventually forced campuses to close for the remainder of the semester and force classes to shift to an online only format. Today the Board of Regents voted to allow the Chancellor power to approve refund plans for each school. Plans will include fees associated with services no longer being using as a result of campus closures such as room, board, parking, and potentially, course, training

From coverage in the Baltimore Sun:

On a conference call Thursday afternoon, Chancellor Jay Perman said the plan had the support of all the system’s university presidents as they work to help students and families amid the nationwide shutdowns caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“I have regular conversations each week with all 12 university presidents and their executive cabinets,” Perman said. “One of the foremost topics during these conversations has been the partial refund of student fees, including the cost associated with room and board.

“The presidents have expressed throughout these deliberations that they have a responsibility to their students and families, a responsibility to support them through this difficult time when their physical and financial healths are in jeopardy,” Perman continued. “There’s agreements among the presidents, therefore, that we should refund a portion of these student fees.”

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