Carroll County Surveys Families in Case of Longer School Closures

This past Thursday, Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) sent the “Computer Internet Survey” by email asking families for feedback in case of longer school closures, which seems probable. While Maryland’s public school systems were ordered closed for two weeks beginning March 16 due to COVID-19, CCPS Superintendent Steve Lockard believes the closure will be extended.

From The Baltimore Sun:

Lockard said that CCPS can’t wait for an initial announcement to plan and prepare for virtual learning and they have been doing so steadily over the past few weeks. It’s been a “significant lift” for the system to achieve, but helped by the fact that CCPS was already working toward expanding virtual learning.

It was “an area in the system that needed to grow,” but in the case of the pandemic, the pace “exponentially increases,” he said.

The survey was first sent out by email Thursday afternoon and will be sent again the next day, Lockard said. The vast majority of CCPS families have access to email, he said. School principals will likely start reaching out by phone on March 24 to families who haven’t responded by then.

CCPS has been offering meals for all 18 and younger, regardless of whether they are enrolled in Carroll County Public Schools. The Emergency Meal Distribution program now offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. It operates Monday through Friday, and children must be present to receive the meals.