Advice from Nationwide: Investing for the Long Term in a Volatile Market

Nationwide Retirement Solutions – a MACo Platinum Partner working with many Maryland counties to provide employees with investments toward retirement – has the following advice for all NRS members…

NRS verticalWhen investing, you need to be aware of market risk, which is the potential for investments to lose value due to market fluctuation or volatility. Market risk is always there. You can’t avoid it.

History shows that investment markets have grown over time despite short-term ups and downs. In fact, these fluctuations can actually create buying opportunities that may lead to greater earnings over time. Investing is all about striking a balance between market risk and return. Rather than trying to avoid market swings, understanding some key principles for long-term investing can help you navigate a sometimes volatile market.

When investing for your retirement, it’s important to have a plan, understand your investment style and contribute regularly. Keep in mind investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

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