Counties Oppose Increased Inspection Requirements for Non-Residential Buildings

MACo Policy Associate Alex Butler testified March 4, 2020 with Justin Fiore from Maryland Municipal League to oppose HB 1540 (CF SB 1067) – Environment – Mold Inspections – Standards, Reporting, and Penalties.  The bill would require local jurisdictions to conduct expansive annual mold inspections in many different buildings and facilities. In all jurisdictions, this would require the addition of significant new resources resulting in costly expenditures.

From the MACo Testimony:

Additionally, counties do not have units equipped or readily available to perform inspections for mold. Typically, local housing departments respond on a complaint-driven basis to concerns over moisture intrusion such as a leaking roof or leaking pipe that may cause the potential for mold. The Center for Disease Control does not recommend testing for mold as parameters for what should be labeled dangerous currently do not exist. The results can be difficult for people to understand and are often inconsistent and unrepresentative. The focus should be on identifying moisture problems in public buildings, which is an area that counties work to address.

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