Frosh Joins AG Coalition Urging FDA to Strengthen E-Cigarette Enforcement Guidance

smoke-298243_1920 A coalition of 28 Attorney Generals, including Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, has submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urging the administration to strengthen its enforcement policy on e-cigarettes.

As announced in a press release:

In comments submitted today, the coalition is encouraging the FDA to expand and strengthen its enforcement guidance by including menthol flavors and products that are not cartridge based. The coalition states that the current policy creates loopholes that manufacturers can exploit and will not help decrease e-cigarette usage among youth.

“The tobacco industry has a long history of using flavored products to entice young users. Now e-cigarette manufacturers seem to be using that same strategy to get our children hooked,” said Attorney General Frosh. “The FDA’s action is riddled with loopholes. It must take stronger steps to ensure that these addictive nicotine products are not available to children.”

For more information:

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