MACo: Land Use & Travel Workgroup Needs County Representation

MACo Legal & Policy Counsel Les Knapp presented testimony to the Environment & Transportation Committee to support with amendments HB 351 – Land Use and Vehicle Miles Traveled Workgroup. The bill would establish a Land Use and Vehicle Miles Traveled Workgroup tasked with developing a State strategy that identifies state and local land use policies, business incentives, transportation policies, investments, and programs in an effort to reduce vehicle miles traveled.

From the MACo Testimony:

. . . MACo recognizes that this workgroup can produce recommendations that may serve as a resource for local governments, and believes this should be incorporated more directly into its charge.

MACo believes a workgroup that so clearly impacts county’s land use decisions should have substantial representation from Maryland’s counties. MACo also believes that geographic diversity among its local representatives would undergird the work and perspective of the group. Jointly tasking the organizations representing local governments across Maryland with those appointments would reasonably assure a balanced and constructive representation.

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