Montgomery Receives Approval for New Vision Zero Tool

The Montgomery County Planning Department received approval to fund and launch the Predictive Safety Analysis project in the current fiscal year. This project seeks to prevent serious injury or fatal crashes at locations without a recent history of crashes, but share similar features to areas where fatal/serious crashes have occurred.

From Montgomery Planning:

The Predictive Safety Analysis tool will use statistical analysis to allow planners and county agencies to target resources to receive the most improvement for the roadways identified as having high risk for future crashes.

Transportation Supervisor David Anspacher recognized much work still needs to happen to reach the goal of zero severe traffic-related injuries and deaths in the county by 2030.

“Montgomery Planning is focused on supporting the County’s Vision Zero goal to end traffic deaths and severe injuries,” said Transportation Supervisor David Anspacher. “We are working closely with our colleagues at the Montgomery County Department of Transportation and the State Highway Administration to plan and design roads, sidewalks and bikeways that make it safe for all modes of transportation.”

Vision Zero is a proven approach to preventing roadway-related deaths and severe injuries, and is a fundamental change in how roads are planned and designed. MACo hosted a session on Vision Zero during #MACoCon this past winter.