Sentinel Papers Going Out of Business

Local papers Montgomery County Sentinel and Prince George’s County Sentinel are folding after over 150 years in existence. Ownership says the decision comes after the paper lost profitability in 2019. 

Many local newspapers across the country are struggling to transition into the digital world of news consumption, and some have lost revenue streams in advertising. The Sentinel Papers cover topics such as local sports and entertainment in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, along with national and state news.

The owners are quoted in a piece from MYMCMedia:

“Our family has owned the Montgomery County Sentinel newspapers for 57 years and the Prince George’s Sentinel for 42 years and it has been my great honor and privilege to be part of this team,” the publisher wrote. “I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the time and effort you have dedicated to these Sentinels. Our papers would not have been possible if not for your talent and hard work. On behalf of my family, I truly thank you all and wish you the best of luck in the future.”

The papers will publish their last editions on January 30 of this year.