New HIV Cases in Maryland Reach 30 Year Record Low

hiv-1903373_1280The Maryland Department of Health has reported that in 2018 there were 997 new cases of HIV in the state — the lowest rate of new cases in 30 years.

The Washington Post reports:

He [Peter DeMartino, Director of Infectious Diseases Prevention] credited the drop in HIV infections not just to the state’s efforts to protect people from acquiring the virus — including traditional methods such as safe-sex education programs and condom distribution, and access to new prophylactic medication for some patients — but also to the state’s approach to treatment.

He also credited the expansion of a needle-exchange program for injection-drug users, which in 2018 began covering the entire state, as a contributor to the reduction in infections.

For more information:

Maryland records lowest number of new HIV cases in more than 30 years (The Washington Post)