Prince George’s County Council Approves Plastic Straw Ban

A WAMU article (2019-11-19) reported that Prince George’s County Council passed legislation to ban the distribution or sale of single-use plastic straws by retailers. The move comes after several neighboring jurisdictions including Charles County and Takoma Park advanced their own restrictions.

From the article:

Council member Jolene Ivey said she learned about the issue of single-use plastic straws during her visit with students at Kenmore Middle School’s environmental topics committee in Landover. The students gave her the school cafeteria’s traditional plastic spork and straw wrapped in clear plastic. “If you count every student at Kenmore, if you count every student in our school system, there are 25,272,000 of these (straws) every year,” Ivey told the council while holding up the plastic. “Those little tiny straws in here, they don’t even use them. Why it’s included is a mystery.”

The article notes that there are exceptions for individuals with disabilities.

The bill now heads to County Executive Angela Alsobrook’s desk for final approval and if signed into law will not take effect until 2021.