Legislator Seeks Alternative Prison Release Protocols

jail cellDelegate Paul Corderman is searching for a solution to address the number of individuals released from state prison that end up in the local community surrounding the prison.

He plans to reintroduce a bill to remedy the issue but is also exploring other avenues such as partnering with local detention centers.

The Herald-Mail reports:

Corderman, R-Washington, said he will again introduce a bill next year requiring the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services to take inmates back to where they lived when they were convicted.

But another avenue, that Corderman said might be more realistic, are opportunities for inmates nearing the end of their sentences to finish that time at the detention center in their home community.

The Division of Corrections has memorandums of agreement with seven detention centers and is talking to five more, corrections spokesman Mark Vernarelli said.

For more information:

Corderman explores another option in dealing with prisoner releases (The Herald-Mail)

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