Cecil Kicks Off Economic Development Week

This week, the Cecil County Office of Economic Development (OED) will recognize the County’s economic growth by joining the Maryland Economic Development Association’s (MEDA) celebration of Economic Development Week.

Cecil County Executive Alan McCarthy presents a proclamation recognizing Economic Development Week (photo courtesy of Cecil County Government)

The weeklong celebration emphasizes the importance of economic development and showcases the efforts and initiatives which improve business retention, job growth, and quality of life for all Maryland residents.

“There has never been a more exciting time than right now to support economic development in Cecil County,” Cecil County Executive Alan McCarthy said. “A strong economy, once established, becomes the springboard for new companies to launch in the area, bringing with them a variety of abundant jobs, the need for a capable workforce and a better quality of life for everyone.

According to a press release:

Proudly, Cecil County is currently ranked 2nd for best job growth and 3rd best wage growth in the state of Maryland in the last year. Cecil County also boasts the highest percentage of manufacturers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

In a proclamation given by County Executive Alan McCarthy recently, he stated, “theCecil CountyOffice of Economic Development, in partnership with industries, educators, the eight municipalities within the County, the Cecil County Economic Development Commission, and other key allies, cultivates and nurtures entrepreneurship that helps to secure the next generation of new businesses, fosters an effective business climate and meets the increasingly critical need for a skilled and competitive workforce.”

The OED, along with the county executive, will celebrate local businesses and achievements in economic development with daily activities throughout the county and state this week:

Sunday, October 20th – Economic Development staff attended Fair Hill International and participated in closing ceremonies and the trophy presentation.

Monday, October 21st – Director Chris Moyer and Manager Sandra Edwards will attend the MEDA Conference where the focus will be on “Defining Your Community Identity.”

Tuesday, October 22nd – OED will travel Cecil County on site visits of small businesses.

Wednesday, October 23rd – County Executive Alan McCarthy will join the OED team as they embark on a tour of manufacturing sites and agricultural locations throughout the county.

Thursday, October 24th – Cecil County’s OED will host the 2019 Growth & Development Symposium at the Chesapeake Inn, in beautiful Chesapeake City, Maryland.

More than 130 participants are anticipated to attend the all-day event which will feature Q&A panels to discuss the “Changing Face of Manufacturing,” Cecil County’s high quality of life, small business growth and support resources, and opportunities and partnerships available in the county. Steve Jacobsen, Vice President of Domestic Development for Great Wolf Resorts, is the event’s keynote speaker.

The OED will wrap-up Economic Development Week festivities on Friday by reflecting on the week and extending appreciation to local businesses and partners.

“It’s been said that ‘the most powerful force for change is a job,’ said Moyer. “Cecil County Economic Development works tirelessly across Cecil County’s business community to create jobs. This week is a celebration of that hard work and the hard work that our businesses do to provide jobs throughout the county.”

While the official week of celebration ends on October 26th, Cecil County OED is already gearing up for their “Start & Fund Your New Business in Cecil County” seminar on Wednesday, November 13th from 8 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. in the Technology Center at Cecil College.

Contact Terri Springel at 410-996-6292 or tspringel@ccgov.org for more information.