Cecil Ramps Up Census Outreach

With the 2020 Census just around the corner, Cecil County Executive Alan McCarthy and the Cecil County Council are encouraging residents to spread the word on the importance of a fair and accurate count.


The County formed a complete count committee in order to collaborate with local non-profits and other organizations to promote the 2020 Census. “Cecil County Council was asked by Audra Harrison, Maryland census director, to organize with community partners to encourage Cecil County residents to fill out their Census forms, or complete the Census online or by toll-free telephone.

“The County has been working behind-the-scenes to prepare for the 2020 Census since early this spring,” County Executive Alan McCarthy said. “We’ve met with stakeholders, brainstormed for ideas and created some eye-catching graphics. Our website and social media accounts have been peppered with information to educate the community,”

According to a press release:

The Cecil County Census Counting Committee will meet on Monday, October 28 at 6 p.m. in the Elk Room of the County Administration Building in Elkton for training to educate committee members on Census 2020. The public is encouraged to attend.

“I encourage all Cecil County citizens to do their civic duty and return their census forms, and also to encourage others to participate so we can have as accurate a count as possible for the benefit of all Cecil County residents,” County Executive McCarthy said.”

For more information on the Census Counting Committee, please call the Cecil County Council office at 410-996-5201 or email at council@ccgov.org.

Census data is used to allocate billions of dollars in federal funding for education, health, transportation, housing, community services, and job training. Moreover, businesses and industries decide where to locate new facilities and services based on census data, creating new jobs, and promoting economic growth.

An accurate census count, or lack thereof, has a lasting effect on counties, particularly when it comes to the distribution of federal funds. An under-counted population may lead to a significant decline in federal funding flowing to county governments or county residents.

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