Two New Delegates for Baltimore County

Catherine Forbes

Baltimore County Democrats Carl Jackson and Catherine Forbes will join the Maryland House of Delegates soon, replacing Del. Eric Bromwell (District 8) and Del. Stephen Lafferty (District 42A) respectively. Both Bromwell and Lafferty resigned in August, taking high-level positions in the Baltimore County government.

From Maryland Matters:

When Baltimore County Democrats Carl Jackson and Catherine Forbes join the House of Delegates in the next several days, assuming Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) follows tradition and goes along with the recent recommendations of the county’s Democratic Central Committee, it will bring the total number of appointees serving in the 188-member General Assembly to 36. That means that almost 20 percent of all lawmakers either hold their current seats – or originally arrived in the legislature – as the choice of a select few political insiders, rather than the voters.

Carl Jackson

In Maryland, legislative vacancies are filled by the governor, following recommendations from the county central committee of the political party the departing lawmaker belonged to.

More than half of the state’s legislative districts – 25 of 47 – will have at least one lawmaker who was originally appointed and not elected.