Sun Paper Endorses Kirwan Approach, a “Unique Opportunity”

The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board writes that state policymakers should embrace, not run from, the investments in education called for under the still-developing Kirwan Commission


The Sun editorial board responds to the recent back-and-forth over school funding proposals, and their continuing assembly through a Commission and Workgroup, by issuing a call for their adoption – despite the costs.

The Board focuses on the substantial portion of the Kirwan plan – which has been detailed in narrative, but not yet fully explained financially, dedicated toward teacher salary enhancements:

Here’s the question that all of this raises: What if a large percentage of that increased Kirwan spending does actually translate into higher teacher pay? There’s only one word to describe such a circumstance: Good. Oh, no, wait, here’s another: Fantastic. If Maryland is going to demand more from its teachers, then shouldn’t it be willing to pay more for excellence? If the Orioles want an all-star pitcher, they don’t dial up the cheapest guy on Single-A, they go for a world-class talent and expect to pay the salary that goes along with that choice. As much as it may pain Republicans that teachers are represented at the bargaining table (and often align themselves politically with Democrats), higher teacher salaries are intrinsic to higher classroom performance.

“You want quality? You usually have to pay for it.”

Visit the Baltimore Sun website for read the full editorial.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties