Carroll County Approves $1 Million For Stormwater Management Projects

A Stormwater Solutions article (2019-09-16) reported that the Carroll County Board of Commissioners designated almost $1 million to retrofit a stormwater management marsh at Shiloh Middle School and acquire three acres to expand a separate stormwater pond.

The article indicated that the County awarded $958,300 to W.F. Delauter & Sons retrofit the marsh. From the article:

Built in 2003, the marsh is no longer in compliance with storm water standards, Janet O’Meara, county watershed management coordinator told the Carroll County Times. The Carroll County Board of Education received a compliance letter in 2017, and then the county reached out to form a partnership.

With the completion of the project, the county will receive credit for 23 acres of impervious area storm water management, according to the Carroll County Times. The school board gave the county slightly under $200,000 and the commissioners are contributing about $758,300.

The article also indicated that County approved the use of $25,000 to purchase three acres to expand a stormwater management pond on the Lambert Property along Maryland 30 (Hanover Pike). The County’s plan would double the size of the existing facility and include a 20-foot storm drain easement and a 30-foot entrance. Once the project is completed, it will be turned over to the Town of Manchester for long-term maintenance.