State Launches $10m to Advance Opioid Efforts

Pills and MoneyThe state has awarded $10 million in grants to help fund all 23 counties, Baltimore City, and dozens of specific programs spearheading heroin and opioid prevention, education, enforcement, public safety, treatment, and recovery efforts. 

The Baltimore Sun reports:

In a news release, the state’s Opioid Operational Command Center wrote that the state will award $4 million in block grants to the counties as well as more than $5.6 million in competitive grants for specific programs that focus on “prevention & education, enforcement & public safety, and treatment & recovery programs.”

The funding is part of the Hogan administration’s five-year, $50 million initiative launched in 2017 to award millions to the state’s various counties to combat the ongoing problem.

The article contains a comprehensive list of the block grants to the 24 jurisdictions and competitive grants to the individual programs that have been awarded.

For more information:

Hogan administration awards nearly $10 million in grants to combat opioid crisis in Maryland (The Baltimore Sun)