Allegany County Depletes Salt Reserves

A Cumberland Times-News article reported that Allegany County prepared for Maryland’s most recent winter storm by obtaining 200 tons of salt from the State Highway Administration (SHA) as the county has depleted its salt reserves for the year.

“We had a stockpile of salt two weeks ago or so, but we depleted our reserve,” said road chief Paul Goldsworthy on Wednesday morning.

“We’ve used a whole lot more salt than last year, but we’ve had winters like this a lot of times,” Goldsworthy said.

Seven hundred tons of salt are on order for the county, which adds a limestone mix before spreading. Goldsworthy said about the same amount of salt is applied whether a storm drops a couple of inches of snow or a foot.

Maryland SHA’s Dave Buck noted that the State currently has 250,000 tons of salt on hand. However, as previously reported on Conduit Street, SHA has depleted its snow removal budget.  Maryland has spent $70 million so far this winter on snow removal, though the budget for such expenditures was only $46 million.