LGIT Offering Post-65 Health Insurance Tailored to Your Retirees

The Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) is sponsoring a new program allowing your county to offer comprehensive Post-65 retiree healthcare benefits and services to your future retirees.

LGIT Post 65 Ad 2019Highlights of the program for future retirees:

  •  Provides a concierge level services so future retirees can understand their healthcare options once they reach age 65
  • Provides access to Medicare Benefit Specialist to help retirees understand Medicare and supplemental plan options
  • Offers retirees comprehensive plan options, not available to them in the individual marketplace
  • Experience Benefit Specialist can assist retirees to find the right plan to fit their personal needs

Highlights of the program for Maryland Local Governments:

  •  No cost to employer – Plan can be offered on a voluntary basis
  • No administrative burden – AmWINS handles all administration of the program
  • No Financial Liability

2020 Open Enrollment will be here before you know it:

  •  For 2020 coverage, Open Enrollment will run from October 15th to December 7th
  • If you would like to offer this Voluntary Retiree Benefit to your current and future retirees, AmWINS representatives will be able to assist you in setting up this program

LGIT/AmWINS is looking forward to helping future retirees gain access to comprehensive retiree healthcare benefits, including: medical, prescription drug, dental and vision.

If you have any questions or would like to set up this program, please contact Michele Keplinger at: 443-561-1700 or e-mail: MicheleK@lgit.org.