Prince George’s has Questions; Maglev CEO Offers Answers

Wayne Rogers, CEO of The Northeast Maglev and Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail, has responded to questions raised in a letter from Prince George’s County planning officials over the proposed $12 billion project to build a high-speed train between Baltimore and D.C.

In an earlier article The Washington Business Journal reported on the questions and concerns outlined in the county’s letter. These included the impact of tunnel digging and bridges on residences, the location of ventilation structures and a depot facility, and concerns that the county would miss out on the economic or transportation benefits of the project.

On Roger’s response, The Washington Business Journal reports that he is confident that the county’s concerns can be allayed:

Tunnels for the train dug 80 to 100 feet underground, for example, would be imperceptible to residences and businesses, Rogers said. And plans for two ventilation plant structures are probably raising alarm bells more because of how they’re named than for what they actually do.

Process quirks — more than 30 federal, state and local agencies reviewing his company’s plans — can result in communication gaps, Rogers conceded.

The Northeast Maglev is a MACo Corporate Partner.

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