Anne Arundel Task Force to Examine Mental Health Needs of Children

Anne Arundel school system and county staff members will form a task force to examine ways to continue to address children’s social and emotional needs.

Anne Arundel County Board of Education members were informed this week that the task force they established  in May will begin its work in September. The task force will include student, parents, community groups, mental health experts, and county and school system representatives.

The task force will examine factors leading to the increase in mental health issues in children, including trends in parenting methods, community activities, and educational practices. They will also seek to identify ways to increase support and collaboration around resources.

From a article:

The task force’s goals are to:

– identify contributing factors to the increasing mental health needs of our children.

– better coordinate services and communication between and among the school system, county government, and service providers.

– identify proactive measures and best practices.

– make recommendations for improved delivery of services to children and families.

– The group’s initial meeting in September will be open to the public, but no public testimony will be taken. Subsequent meetings will be scheduled for November, January, and March.