MACo Soliciting 2020 Legislative Initiative Proposals

Suggestion FolderMACo is currently welcoming suggestions for legislative initiatives for the 2020 legislative session.

Each year, MACo adopts up to four topics to forward as initiatives — working with supportive legislators to get those bills introduced and enacted. Past years have seen a wide range of MACo focus — from major budgetary topics to legal clarifications to public health measures.

County governing bodies, individual elected officials, MACo’s professional affiliate groups, MACo chapter organizations, and others within the county community are welcome to suggest topics for consideration. Suggestions may be submitted by email to MACo Legislative Director Natasha Mehu by June 21.

MACo has an Initiatives Committee that meets through the interim period to review and evaluate the various proposals. The Committee typically presents its recommendations to the MACo Legislative Committee in the fall for the slate of initiatives to be adopted for the year ahead. From that point on, the membership and staff begin work on engaging supportive legislators, connecting with other interested stakeholders, and drafting the proposed statutory language needed.

Submit your suggestions for a 2020 MACo Initiative to by June 21!

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