Frederick Law Enforcement Agencies Partner to Fight Cyber Crimes Against Children

cyber crimesFrederick County’s Police Department, Sheriffs Office, and State’s Attorney have partnered to form a “cyber crimes task force.” The partnership is intended to help improve coordination and communication concerning the investigation and prosecution of cyber crimes against children.

The Frederick News-Post reports:

“The increase in demand for this type of investigation and prosecution just over the last 20 years [has] quadrupled, to say the least, in the amount of cases that we’re seeing,” Smith said. “We saw both the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and the Frederick Police Department as well as MSP bringing more and more cases to our office for prosecution, and more and more heinous cases, for that matter.”

Since 2017, Frederick Police Department detectives have averaged about 25 cases a year involving sexual predators using the internet to target children, while Jenkins noted that the sheriff’s office has had to increase the size of its force dedicated to such cases from one to three full-time detective positions over the last several years.

For more information read The Frederick News-Post

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