Cecil Budget Proposal: Holds Line on Taxes, Funds Priorities

Cecil County Executive Dr. Alan McCarthy on Friday presented the Proposed Operating and Capital Budget for Fiscal Year 2020.  The administration will introduce the budget to Council on Tuesday, April 2 for their review over the next two months.

According to a press release:

Dr. McCarthy identified projected General Fund revenue of $202,888,312 along with a distribution of expenditures totaling the same amount to ensure a balanced budget. Roughly ninety one percent (91%) of the revenue comes from property and income taxes.

General Fund appropriations are used to provide programs and services and finance the administrative activities of County government. The proposed budget allocates sixty four percent (64%) of expenditures to component units such as the Cecil County Public Schools, Cecil College and Cecil County Public Library system. An additional twenty-three percent (23%) of the expenditures are allocated to cover salaries and fringe benefits for all union and non-union County employees.

The property tax rate will remain at 1.0414% and the income tax rate will remain at 3.00%. Also, as has been true for the past two years, next year’s budget does not use unassigned fund balance as a revenue source to balance the budget. “We will continue to live within our means,” said the County Executive.

Click here to view the FY 2020 Cecil County budget proposal.

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