“Federal Shutdown Paycheck Protection Act” First Bill Signed into Law

On Tuesday, the Federal Shutdown Paycheck Protection Act became the first bill during the 2019 General Assembly session to by signed into law by Governor Hogan.

During the most recent government shutdown, the blog actively covered the large potential local economy impact that a shutdown would have, especially in Maryland. It is believed that over 170,000 Marylanders were affected by the most recent partial federal government shutdown.

From Federal Shutdown Looms, Local Effects Large:

In past instances of federal government shutdowns, a meaningful effect on the regional economy has been felt. With uncertainty abounding (as we write, on Friday December 21), the potential for at least a partial federal shutdown seems possible – with obvious effects on federal employees and related segments of the Maryland and regional economy.

 This act establishes a Federal Government Shutdown Employee Assistance Loan Fund, which once activated by Maryland’s governor during a federal government shutdown would offer no-interest loans to “essential” government employees in the state who must report to work without pay. During the signing, Governor Hogan stated that he shutdown’s impact was “beyond staggering,” and that this law “exemplifies the power of bipartisanship in achieving real results for Marylanders.”

This bill was an emergency bill, meaning it took effect immediately after the bill signing.