Governor Hogan Writes to Congress on Proposed Federal Cuts to Chesapeake Bay

Earlier this month, the Trump Administration released a proposed 90% cut to the Chesapeake Bay Program’s funding, which was previously covered on the blog.

Governor Hogan stated on Wednesday [March 13th] that the drastic cut was not only “potentially devastating”, but also a “betrayal.” Much like the previous years, Hogan plans to oppose the cuts and continue to “urge…federal partners to protect these critical investments.”

On March 25th, Governor Hogan wrote a letter to Congressional leaders urging Congress to not only oppose the proposed cuts, but to increase funding efforts to $90 million, a $17 million increase.

From the letter:

After three decades of collaboration with our partners, we are witnessing measured improvements toward clean water, improved Chesapeake Bay watershed resiliency to a changing climate, and the economic value of a healthier ecosystem. While we have made significant progress, there is still much to do to reach our collective goals. As this partnership quickly approaches its 2025 restoration milestone, continued funding is needed to support local government implementation programs, state-based implementation, and the continued monitoring and analyses that are central to measuring and directing our management and restoration actions.