City Gears Up to Demolish Vacant Houses

House Demolition

The Baltimore City Housing Commission has committed to demolishing over 2,000 vacant homes by the summer of 2020. The goal is to reduce the number of vacant properties to below 15,000 — a level that hasn’t been seen in over a decade.

The City has struggled with vacant properties and has been demolishing them at a pace of 500 per year. Some progress was made with these past efforts, but necessary steps to prepare for and execute demolitions had slowed that progress.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

[Housing Commissioner Michael] Braverman said this time, it will be different. About $20 million is set aside in the city’s budget, with $30 million coming from the state. And he said his team has been identifying properties since Hogan’s 2016 announcement and preparing hundreds of them for demolition.

Braverman shared a list of 1,806 properties scheduled for demolition by June 30, 2020, with details about where they are in the process. Eighty percent are in just 16 neighborhoods, mostly in East and West Baltimore. Broadway East is projected to see 271 vacants come down; Sandtown-Winchester, 199, and Harlem Park, 143.

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