Counties Support Establishment of Youth Crime Prevention and Diversion Parole Fund

On March 12th, Natasha Mehu submitted written testimony in support of HB 1348 Public Safety – Youth Crime Prevention and Diversion Parole Fund – Establishment.

This bill would establish a Youth Crime Prevention and Diversion Parole Fund, providing additional resources to county police forces for improving public safety and preventing crime.

From the MACo Testimony:

The funding will provide help to local law enforcement agencies with the most pressing crime needs. Importantly, money awarded from the fund may only supplement and may not supplant other funding for local law enforcement agencies, allowing them to leverage existing resources to meet those needs.

HB 1348 would add to the number of programs and funds administered by GOCCP to help local police enhance public safety and reduce crime. These funding streams and successful partnerships between the state and local law enforcement agencies are key for enabling locals to target and address important local public safety concerns.

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