Counties Support Legislation to Create Workforce Readiness Grant Program

On February 20th, Michael Sanderson submitted written testimony to the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee in support of SB 515 Community Colleges – Workforce Readiness Grant Program – Established.

According to the testimony, this bill would enhance the State’s commitment to workforce development offerings at each community college campus and create an incentive for outside private funding to extend the program’s effect.

From the MACo Testimony:

The two iterations of funding under the bill ensure each campus would provide new offerings, but also offers a “carrot” in the form of matching funds for outside dollars secured (over the two preceding years) in excess of that per-location floor. State funds, being used to leverage private partnerships and beneficial donor contributions, could amplify the effect of this innovative proposal.

Under this program, a wide range of technology improvements could be expected – from health care equipment to computer-assisted design to small-scale manufacturing technologies. The flexibility in the grant program could spark innovations that match needs of local employers, or harness regional interests from different parts of the state.

SB 515 advances new outlets for workforce readiness, using community colleges as the cornerstone.

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