MACo Supports Legislation to Strengthen Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Last Tuesday, Natasha Mehu submitted written testimony to the Finance Committee in support of SB 195 Public Health – Prescription Drug Monitoring Program – Revisions.

This bill would strengthen provisions previously created under Maryland’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, aiming to improve the program’s ability to identify, deter, and report prescription drug abuse.

From the MACo testimony:

SB 195 requires that the PDMP review prescription monitoring data for indications of misuse or abuse, and for possible violations of law or breach of professional conduct. It also sets specific factors that must be considered for determining these violations, as well as when and how the violations may be reported to the Office of Controlled Substances Administration for further investigation and, if warranted, the appropriate licensing entity for possible disciplinary action.

These changes bolster the effectiveness of the program by helping to ensure important data is not overlooked, violations are appropriately flagged, providers are properly educated, and that notice is provided to the proper authorities in a timely manner.

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