MACo Calls For an Update to Local Notice Distribution Requirements

On Thursday, Kevin Kinnally and Leslie Knapp, Jr. sat on a panel in support of SB 324 Political Subdivisions – Legal Notice Requirements – Posting on Websites.

This bill modernizes outdated notice requirements that are currently state law by allowing counties to publish certain legal notices on their website rather than solely in newspapers.

SB 324 would not only increase constituent access to legal notices, but would also lead to a decrease in government expenses.

From the MACo testimony:

Moving to online postings will also result in reduced local government expenses. According to a survey conducted by MACo in 2011, 16 counties reported that they collectively spent $1.9 million on legal publication costs. The cost savings for a local jurisdiction in these challenging economic times would be significant. Besides the fiscal savings, online posting is more environmentally friendly.

The bill also requires a local government to maintain a paper copy of any legal notice that was published on its website, in accordance with its records retention and document disposal schedule, and make the copies available to the general public. The local government must also maintain an affidavit that states the initial date through the last date that the notice was published on the local government’s website. A newspaper may also receive and maintain a record of the notices through the mail subscription service…

For more on 2019 MACo legislation, visit the Legislative Database.

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